Mae is an artist & designer living in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The creation of art for me began both as a way to understand and process my surroundings, and way to find a sense of place in a shifting environment. In some ways it has continued to serve that purpose. Through this practice of imagining and (re-)creating I am attempting to catch hold of something fleeting, to tell a hidden story, and to find the beauty and preciousness of imperfection, fragility, and incompleteness. It is an exploration in what it means for me to be a woman and a human in this time. 

As largely self taught artist I am continuing to experiment with different mediums, and not always using them for their intended purpose I would guess. My current work involves an investigation of confinement (self imposed or otherwise), and the embodiment of compassion and humanity under duress. In the end that is what I am striving for: work that is brimming with humanity.